Simple Palette for Custom FileTypes

On there’s a nice tutorials that shows how to create a palette for your Editor. If you follow the steps in that tutorial, it will give you a palette that is active when your file is opened. That’s nice, but in my custom FileType Editor I want a palette that should be only activated, when the Visual Editor is activated.

You can achieve that by creating a PaletteController factory class like in the example, but without the annotation for registering it. Here’s my class:

public class Box2DPaletteController {

    private static Box2DPaletteController palette = null;

    public static PaletteController createPalette() {
        try {
            if (null == palette) {
                return PaletteFactory.createPalette(
                //Palette Actions:
                new PaletteActions() {
                    @Override public Action[] getImportActions() {return null;}
                    @Override public Action[] getCustomPaletteActions() {return null;}
                    @Override public Action[] getCustomCategoryActions(Lookup lkp) {return null;}
                    @Override public Action[] getCustomItemActions(Lookup lkp) {return null;}
                    @Override public Action getPreferredAction(Lookup lkp) {return null;}
                //Palette Filter:  
                //Drag and Drop Handler:  
                new DragAndDropHandler(true) {
                    @Override public void customize(ExTransferable et, Lookup lkp) {
        } catch (IOException ex) {
        return null;


To activate the Palette for my Visual Editor, which is created by a MultiViewElement, I just need to put it into that MultiViewElements Lookup, so I modify the constructor to initialize a palette:

private PaletteController paletteController;

    public Box2DVisualElement(Lookup lkp) {
        obj = lkp.lookup(Box2DDataObject.class);
        assert obj != null;
        name = obj.getPrimaryFile().getName();
        paletteController = Box2DPaletteController.createPalette();

and my generated getLookup method from:

    public Lookup getLookup() {
        return obj.getLookup();


    public Lookup getLookup() {
        return new ProxyLookup(obj.getLookup(), Lookups.fixed(paletteController));

That’s it, now the palette will only show, when the visual editor is selected:

The complete project is available on GitHub. Enjoy!

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