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In todays agile development processes with continuous delivery QA is often getting a tedious task. Automated UI testing tends to be too complex a task to implement it in an Agile context with everchanging UIs.

To generate a ‘good’ set of test cases, the test designers must be certain that their suite covers all the functionality of the system and also has to be sure that the suite fully exercises the GUI itself. The difficulty in accomplishing this task is twofold: one has to deal with domain size and then one has to deal with sequences. In addition, the tester faces more difficulty when they have to do regression testing.

Honestly, how many medium size to large projects did you see that do not even run a simple set of Unit Tests? Rarely if ever do I encounter projects that have automated UI tests, or even Test scripts for manual testing. In practice this can be a huge problem when your budgets for first to third level support tend to explode.

And even with all that in place, you can basically only tell, if your UI does correctly what it is intended to do. You won’t have any measurable indication of usability or how visually appealing the application is to the end user.

This is why I have developed “App Inspector”, a tool that automatically inspects every aspect of your UI while it is running. Here’s a little demo:

;-) See you at NetBeans Community Day at JavaONE :-)!

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