JavaONE 2012 Recap

JavaONE 2012 is over, time for a little recap. These were my highlights:

* Presentations: This year we had more presentations than the years before, and the quality of the material was excellent. Next year I’ll try to have less sessions on my own, so I can attend more sessions, instead of fixing demos last minute :-). I agree with Adam Bien, that especially the Oracle guys had a lot of deep technical content.

* NetBeans Community Day: NetBeans Community Day was a full success. Most of the sessions were packed, especially JavaEE and JavaFX. Great to meet so many people from the NetBeans Community for the first time in person. Obviously my personal highlight of the day was receiving an “Award of Achievement” from the NetBeans Team!

* NetBeans presence at J1: NetBeans was everywhere from day one. The keynotes had NetBeans on many slides, including the Java Roadmap. Also most presenters were using NetBeans.

* JavaFX: Lot’s of JavaFX presentations attracted a lot of visitors. Our session on NetBeans Day was packed, and after my “Angry Nerds” session I had the longest Q&A session ever.

* Community: I met a lot of people from NetBeans and JavaFX community and really enjoyed the discussions.

* Parties: I didn’t go to many parties this year, since I had 4 presentations, and was seriously jetlagged, but the ones I attended were great. NetBeans, Google and JCP Parties were my favorites. Also the Oracle appreciation event was awesome.

* My favorite quote: “The IDE wars are over!” (Tom Schindl) A lot of interesting discussions going on at the moment.

* James Gosling: back at JavaONE!

Looking forward to next years event!



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