JavaFX Game Engine now with Physics

I’ve just added a pluggable physics engine to my game engine. So now there are three modules: the core game engine that allows for the creation of simple canvas based games, and an optional tile engine that can read TMX files and render TileBased Worlds and Sprite animations, as well as a pluggable physics Engine that you can use to add realistic physics. Using the NetBeans Lookups API it’s really simple to make it pluggable. Ah, and there’s a fourth module with demos.

The Physics API is still very simple, but you can already do some nice stuff. A nice goodie is the DebugLayer that you can add to the GameCanvas to render the JBox2D bodies. This way you can easily test and debug a game and find bugs with custom Sprite rendering. I’m also trying to provide some helper methods for mapping the Bodies and Shapes to the Sprites, since that’s sometimes confusing…

The first game I created is the “Hello World!” of Games, Pong! Here you can get an impression of the current API:

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